Government Proposes An ‘Industry-Wide Levy’ On Facebook And Twitter

The government remains unaccommodating to crimes such as underage-access to porn, online abuse and cyber-bullying. It has been undertaking numerous moves towards clamping down vices and that is now touching Twitter and Facebook in a big way. The introduction of the new tax will hit the two companies with impact and that might end up compelling them to look at their platforms more closely.

A number of ministers have forwarded a proposal outlining that the money raised from the proposed levy be issued to pay for some crucial schemes. Most of them believe that it would be a desirable move if the money would be channeled towards helping raise awareness on the dangers associated with the internet and the several ways to counter them.

Most of the Web firms will be given an opportunity to air their views in regards to the levy being proposed by Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary. There is a target to transform the UK by making it the safest place to be online.

The chair of Ofcom in a recent parliamentary sitting condemned the major rise in the spread of fake news. Theresa May has posed a challenge to most of the top technology firms around the globe. They will be expected to pull down any form of terrorist propaganda within an hour or else they will end up paying hefty fines.

But the government might be excising a little more patience with the private sector. It will be looking forward to see the next step it takes before proceeding to make its next decision. May be it might consider the voluntary funded approach before moving ahead to impose a new levy on the firms.

Top government officials spoke in relation to the matter saying that the new tax would succeed at sparking about the most desirable change.

Ms Bradley opined, “Behaviour that is unacceptable in real life is unacceptable on a computer screen. We need an approach to the Internet that protects everyone without restricting growth and innovation in the digital economy.”