Automated Tweets By A Conservative Group Shut Down By Twitter

Twitter has locked out a conservative group widely known for its political tweet campaigns. The group has been sending automated, prewritten messages to about four million followers. PJNet, a Patriot Journalist Network, has caught Twitter’s attention since it keeps bombarding it with quite a large number of posts on a daily basis.

Half a dozen senators and congressmen have stepped forward to indicate their gratitude with the group. Among them were the Virginia Rep. Rob Wittman and NorthCarolina Sen. Richard Burr. The network was founded back in 2012 and at the moment it has about 500 members.

In its Twitter accounts, it takes great pride in the fact that it has about four million aggregate followers. The members of the group use the group’s “hashtag rallies” which helps them to properly coordinate with each other. Most of them are able to send out a mass of tweets on a given topic.

PJNet has been spearheading a series of social media campaigns and its reliance on the Twitter app has been outstanding. Mark Prasek, the founder of the group is the man behind the app. A significant number of users have been building tweets with pictures and the prewritten text.

The PJNet app dashboard helps users construct tweets quickly and in a convenient manner. Sometime back, it was reported that several members of the Partriot Journalist Network were encountering issues logging into PJNet’s app. Prasek proceeded to examine the server and he discovered a number of posts that were failing to send. On moving to twitter’s programmer interface, he discovered that his application was already restricted.

Prasek got in touch with Twitter and inquired about the restriction. Twitter gave an explanation citing numerous violations of its Developer Agreement and Policy.

An analyst familiar with Twitter’s undertakings opined, “at the moment, it’s not clear from the emails if Twitter will find the modifications sufficient to bring the operation back into compliance with the company’s policies against posting duplicate content on multiple accounts.”

Twitter is confident that all the moves it has been making recently are for the best!