Twitter Planning To Roll Out New Changes To Fight Abuse

Twitter is considering plans aimed at imposing new rules on hateful as well as pornographic imagery as the microblogging firm moves to fight abuse on its platform. Additionally Twitter intends to fasten the process of reviewing complaints by users.

“We hope our approach and upcoming changes, as well as our collaboration with the Trust and Safety Council, show how seriously we are rethinking our rules and how quickly we’re moving to update our policies and how we enforce them,” a spokesperson for Twitter said.

Trust and Safety Council

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was launched in February 2016 and the membership was drawn from over 40 organizations which included Internet Watch Foundation, Samaritans and the United States Anti-Defamation League. The council was formed with the goal of assisting the microblogging giant to canvass for opinion more quickly and efficiently from experts.

A few days ago the chief executive officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, accepted the blame for the failings of the company following the #womenboycottwitter protest which was started after the microblogging firm locked Rose McGowan’s account after she tweeted attacks against the enablers of the alleged sex crimes of Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer. McGowan is an actress.

Non-consensual nudity

The changes will see the rules Twitter applies to unwanted sexual advances and revenge porn strengthened. With regards to revenge porn or non-consensual nudity, the rules have been expanded to include imagery which isn’t explicitly nude for instance ‘upskirt’ pictures. In this case action will be taken not just when the victim complains but also from bystander reports.

Twitter users who will be identified as the ones who originally posted the pictures of non-consensual nudity will be permanently banned rather than getting their accounts temporarily locked for first offenders as was the case previously. Users who share such images explicitly with the intention of harassment will also be permanently banned from the microblogging platform.

Hate speech

The microblogging platform will also take action against hate symbols and hateful imagery by treating these as sensitive media which can be flagged and blocked just like is the case with pornography. Action will also be taken against posters and posts which condone or glorify violence and this will include simple threats.