Twitter Explains Why It Didn’t Block The Anti-Muslim Tweets By Trump

Most of the people around the globe had taken the strong stand that the right thing for Twitter to do was move ahead and block all Trump’s anti-Muslim tweets. The company has been adamant in doing that.

It was on Friday that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey together with Twitter’s Safety team disclosed the rationale behind their move to allow the three anti-Muslim videos which were retweeted by the American leader on Wednesday.

They insisted that the videos were “newsworthy” even though they agreed that they bore hateful intent. Twitter says that under all its current policies all those videos are permissible.

Twitter’s policy at the moment provides that “hate speech” only has to do with the kind of content that that fundamentally promotes violence against ethnic, racial, or other identity groups.

The social media giant couldn’t have had any trouble determining that the tweets met the standard. Trump had on Wednesday gone ahead to share the videos on Wednesday at that particular moment when he retweeted them from the account of Jayda Fransen.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May years ago had moved ahead to describe Britain to be some sort of a “hateful organization.” Jayda Fransen had all it took to trigger the condemnation of this top official. Trump could also have easily been dealt with but matters have taken a completely different twist.

Twitter is in a position to save its face from numerous perspectives. It could take the stand that the tweets by the president were newsworthy and filtering them was something they would not support.

According to Twitter, almost everything the U.S leader tweets is newsworthy and that gives him the freedom to use the platform at any time the way he sees fit.

The decision by the social media company is troubling to a lot of people. Some are caught in between whether or not the company is in support of hate.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “The posts Trump retweeted do not explicitly advocate anti-Muslim violence. But they are part of a broad campaign to malign both Muslims broadly.”