India Is Currently Twitter’s Fastest Growing Market Globally

Twitter has revealed that India is shaping up to be quite a significant market and that it is currently the fastest growing market for the company’s social platform.

Twitter’s Country Director for India, Taranjeet Singh revealed that Twitter is continually working on paying more attention to its Indian market especially because the country is currently one of the largest markets. Taranjeet was in an interview with Kritika Saxena from CNBC TV18 during which he revealed that India is one of the major markets for Twitter that has been showing the most promise in terms of growth.

The Twitter director for India highlighted the country’s review report in the country for the current year. He pointed out that demonetization, as well as goods and services tax (GST), were the most important trends on Twitter in India in 2017.

“India is one of our fastest growing markets across the world and India is super-important in the global scheme of things,” stated Taranjeet Singh.

The Twitter executive revealed that the social media company is constantly investing in the Indian market to take advantage of the fast pace growth. He stated that the firm recently launched a new product called Twitter Lite which is designed for low data consumption. Most of the users of the microblogging platform in the country are on low data networks or low bandwidth, thus the need for a version of the Twitter app that is tweaked for low data consumption. Other social media companies such as Facebook have also done the same in the past.

Taranjeet revealed that the company has been experiencing growth from almost all parts of India and that the launch of Twitter Lite is expected to facilitate even more growth in the country. Indians are rapidly accepting the idea of using the social media platform as a venue where they can air out ideas and discuss all sorts of matters that affect the society. The Twitter executives noted that Indians have been actively engaged in discussing causes that they believe in through the microblogging platform.

Such engagement is not only important for the company in terms of user growth and engagement but it is also important for the people. This is because the government and organizations can use the platform to understand the needs of the people.