The Library Of Congress Might End Up Curtailing Its Twitter Collection In 2018

The move by the Library of Congress to collect Twitter posts back in 2010 was a major one. There has always been the notion that the research arm of United States Congress has a keen eye on the public prattle of persons that publish links and thoughts in real-time. To most of the people, the 140 characters at a time was apparently a farfetched idea but anyway the deal had been completed already.

Twitter offered to give its assistance and thus the institution was able to acquire all public tweet texts published from 2006 moving forward. No one can tell quite much regarding 2018 since the Library of Congress might just consider curtailing its Twitter collection.

It was on Tuesday when the Library of Congress went ahead to make an announcement citing that in the course of 2018 it would stop ingesting all the public text tweet and instead resort to the acquisition of tweets on a selective basis. The institution has been applying the same policy to the various websites which reports indicate have exploded in a significant way from that point when they first disappeared. That was a few decades ago.

An official familiar with the matter opined, “The Library chose to collect tweets for the same reason it collects other materials—to acquire and preserve a record of knowledge and creativity for Congress and the American people. The initiative was bold and celebrated among research communities.”

As time passes by the social media landscape continues to change in a significant way. One thing that is quite notable at the moment is the fact that the Library currently boasts of having a secure collection of tweet text.

It is anticipated that the Twitter Archive might end up being seen as this generation’s most significant legacies that will impact future generations in a much significant way. It is believed that the future generations will have much to learn from such a rich point in history.

Twitter has been going through numerous challenges but one unique thing about it is the fact that it did not crumble due the pressure. It had to change policies from time to time and hopes to do much more to protect its image.