Twitter Frustrates A User Focused On Cracking Down On Hate Speech And Curbing Abuse

Matters are not turning out to be as easy as Twitter had figured it out earlier.The road to Twitter’s newfound pledge to eliminate the various members of hate groups from its diverse platform with the passage of time is getting harder. Reporting trolls to Twitter in line with persons the end of racist abuse is turning out to be a rather frustrating process.

At the start of this particular year, one journalist decided to take matters into his own hands but that was after he was harassed. Yair Rozenberg and Neal Chandra in joint efforts moved out in a bid to unmask a series of impersonator accounts manned by bigots.

The start was one that anyone would have wished for and that is according to Rozenberg but unfortunately Twitter got in the way eventually shutting it down. The bot, dubbed “Impostor Buster,” is said to have moved out in the search for trolls bearing fake profiles of real individuals emanating from ethnic minorities.

In an effort to win over the unwitting users, there was the adornment of such accounts with some elaborate identifying markers. That could be in the form of a woman in hijab or a yarmulke-clad Hasid. There were also some accompanying g descriptions like “muslim,” “jewish,” or “enemy of the alt-right” in their bio and all these details were clearly stipulated by Rozenberg.

Pulling along shielded by fake identity, they splashed their racist bile in most of the Twitter conversations by high-profile users and the target was to move ahead and defame an entire community. It was a matter that caused much uproar and the company has been under pressure to move with haste and put its house in order.

A person familiar with the matter opined, “Tapping into a crowdsourced database of impersonator accounts, which were curated to avoid false positives, Impostor Buster leapt upon the hijacked conversations to publicly expose the fakers.”

In one week’s time, the bot is said to have accrued a significant number of followers, whereas its creators won over the hearts of its creators .It was a success in rather tough times.