Reasons Why Twitter Needs Keep Off Politics

For quite some time Twitter Inc was seemingly the perfect deal for investors. Some market experts moved forward to give a warning asking these investors to stop with the great optimism they were redirecting towards the quirky social media company. It might have filled most of them with great excitement witnessing the TWTR stock price close at a record high the day that followed. However, matters seemed quite different on the last day of trading before Christmas at the given point in time when TWTR shares absorbed a notable correction.

Naturally, quite a significant number of customers are curious and they wish to learn where Twitter might be moving in the course next week or next month. The InvestorPlace chief technical analyst Serge Berger outlines that most of the market technicians are at the moment anticipating a higher leg up for TWTR stock. Fundamentally, that is as a result of the fact that the shares bottomed outand it goes without saying that such an argument is apparently compelling.

But it would be unwise to be eluded by the core fundamentals of Twitter. The company is seemingly has a rather sizable user base which stands at about 330 million. However, along the lines of the competitive context Facebook overshadows it and even Snap to some extent. With no consideration of a differentiating factor or a persuasive story, it is obvious the TWTR stock price might end up facing upside challenges.

The subscriber growth right now is rather weak. Facebook takes great pride in the fact that at the moment it has over two billion monthly active users (MAUs) and one notable thing is that it has been witnessing faster growth as compared to Twitter.

An analysts that has been following closely on the market trends opined, “That’s remarkable since the law of large numbers should work against Facebook; yet the facts are the facts. For instance, in the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.07 billion MAUs. In Q3 of 2016, it had 1.79 billion MAUs.”

Twitter has been facing numerous challenges in the course of time. It has had to change its policies but that also has been pulling along with numerous challenges.