The Place Of Bitcoin And Crypto Currency On Twitter And The Big Names To Follow

Upon joining Twitter, it is crucial that one identifies the most important people to follow. From time to time it is important that the users of the platform proceed to update the company’s annual list on who to follow.

Twitter’s 2016 edition had much to do with the kind of names with the capacity to capture much attention on market tumult and the moment when that used to be a cause for concern is a matter that shouldn’t elude anyone. It goes without saying that 2017 was a good year for the company and the combination of an elaborate list which could still be found useful for 2018 was a major achievement.

Anyone that has been following the latest market developments will attest to the fact that 2017 was much about Crpto. Several complaints have popped up in the course of time with quite a significant number of people purporting to the fact that the Asian accounts were being underrepresented. But that is something that can easily be disputed.

Comrade Balding , who happens to be the chief strategist at Silvercrest Asset Management is one of the great names for Users to follow. The second is Tom Nichols who constantly tweets about politics in a mind-grabbing fashion.

Third in line is Bama and for those that wish to make a close follow up regarding commodities this is definitely the way to go. Investment advisor Ross Gerber has a monumental market following and as a result he has succeeded at racking up almost 44,000 followers.

In the fourth position is Charlie Lee who constantly makes postings regarding Bitcoin. In a statement he revealed that the reason as to why he kept doing that was to get the various Bitcoin maximalists to follow his account.

In the fifth position is Roger Ver who is considered as the world’s first investor in the bitcoin startups. Lastly is Joseph Lubin who happens to be one of the Ethereum co-founders and is also at the same time the founder of Consensys which happens to be a block chain software production studio.