Twitter Gives An Explanation As To Why It Is Unwilling To Block World Leaders From Its Platform

Twitter has been a troubled company for over quite some time and one of the challenges it has had to struggle with is criticism from all the sides. It has tried changing its policies but that isn’t helping much because more criticism continues to surge.

Much of the criticism had to do with the fact that the Company continued to tolerate President Donald Trump despite the fact that his tweet storms advocated for segregation and division. In numerous instances the company came forward to defend the United States leader outlining that his tweets were of public interest, a matter that did not seem to quite augur very well with most of the people that had been monitoring the platform at a close range.

Twitter’s spokesperson opined, “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate. Newsworthiness and whether a tweet is of public interest are among the factors we consider before removing an account or a tweet.”

The U.S leader from his @realDonaldTrump account on Tuesday revealed that he had a more powerful and much bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un who is the current North Korean leader. This has sparked new debates among Twitter users around the globe who to this point in time can’t yet comprehend the reason as to why the Company won’t strike out Trump from the platform. However, it seems the company is not anywhere close to making the move.

A number of critics have spoken with wrath outlining that continued presence of Trump on the site could end up posing endangering the world. They moved ahead to assert that it was a clear violation of Twitter’s banon threats of violence adding that no more evidence was required to ban the leader from the site. It was back on Wednesday when a number of users organized a protest at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters pushing the company to be serious with its policies and moves.

Twitter remains adamant and that was clear from its blog post where it asserted that blocking the world leader won’t do anything in silencing him.