Twitter Inc Fails To Hit The Set Deadline For Availing Crucial Information To The U.S. Senate

It was on Monday when Twitter Inc missed a deadline that had been set in place in which it was expected to serve the Senate Intelligence committee with details regarding the moves by Russia which saw it interfere in the previous elections in the U.S. Mark Warner, the spokeswoman for the committee’s top Democrat senator is the one that provided this information.

A person familiar with the matter stated, “The social media company had been asked to provide written answers to questions from the intelligence panel as it conducts one of the major congressional investigations into the alleged Russian activity and alleged collusion between Republican President Donald Trump’s campaign and Moscow.”

Russia is aware of the fact that fingers around the globe are pointing at it. However, it has all along dismissed the claims terming them baseless. Trump’s stand is even adding more weight to Russia’s current stand on the matter. The U.S leader has in numerous instances denied any collusion with Russia.

Twitter needs to have a be-fitting explanation considering the fact that both Google and Facebook were able to meet up to the deadline set forth by the intelligence committee.

One notable thing is the fact that the intelligence committee won’t in anyway be swayed when it gets to holding into account the accused companies. In its most recent statement, the intelligence committee revealed that it remained committed to moving forward with its close association with the committee investigators and hopes that soon it will be able to come up with detailed, thorough answers to their questions. It went further to outline that it would guarantee the Congress the most complete, accurate and satisfactory answers.

Warner was the first to blast the social media guru and that was after giving a rather helpful testimony. That was in September and he disclosed that quite a significant number of the company officials had declined to answer a lot of questions related to Russia’s use of the platform.

The other thing was that the company was subject to manipulation emanating from the foreign countries. A number of the Congressional investigators have appealed to the various technology companies to give their testimony in relation to the matter.