The Right-Wing Project Veritas Targeting Holding Twitter To Account

Challenges don’t seem to be coming to an end for Twitter even with the change in its policies. It was just recently when a far-right news blogger launched several claims, one of them being that the social media giant had violated his free-speech rights. The dust hasn’t yet settled and it is now about the right wing being at its neck. And it goes without saying that it is rather tough upholding a good image with such challenges hitting at any business guru.

Project Veritas has several videos to back up its claims and it has gone ahead to unveil them. It is targeting bringing it out clearly that indeed the social media company has for over quite some time been biased and at the same time extremely liberal.

One of the videos showcased one of the security engineers working with Twitter holding talks with the Department of Justice. The video shows the engineer making a promise to turn over deleted tweets as well as direct messages of President Trump.

There has been a major uproar by users around the globe who have been pressuring the social media giant to kick out the U.S leader from its platform. Twitter took its time to check into the claims they forwarded and finally made its response.

It defended Trump outlining that his tweets were newsworthy and of public interest. However, the company in a bid to reassure them of its commitment to serving them well proceeded to make changes to some of its policies. One would have thought that the move could help, but that is not the case considering the controversies that continue popping up from time to time.

Twitter takes a strong standpoint that Trump is a world leader and barring him from the platform was going to be difficult.

The spokesperson of Twitter opined, “We deplore the deceptive and underhanded tactics by which this footage was obtained and selectively edited to fit a pre-determined narrative. Twitter is committed to enforcing our rules without bias and empowering every voice on our platform, in accordance with the Twitter Rules.”