A Potential Conflict Of Interests Causes Two Top Officials To Leave Disney’s Board

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg have disclosed their plans to move out of Disney’s board of directors. In separate interviews, the two proceeded to cite conflicts of interest asserting that there was no way they were going to continue their stay as board members.

Mr Dorsey and Ms Sandberg of Disney show had earlier published several documents. And it was in the company’s annual meeting which was held back on 8 March that the two top officials asserted that they would no longer be running for re-election.

Several commentators have moved ahead to say that competition has moved up between the tech and the media industries.

Disney spokesperson opined, “Given our evolving business and the businesses Ms Sandberg and Mr Dorsey are in, it has become increasingly difficult for them to avoid conflicts relating to board matters.”

Mr Dorsey joined the board back in 2013 whereas Ms Sandberg came in 2010 and have served in a diligent way. It goes without saying that their services will be missed huge deal.

The past few years have witnessed both Twitter and Facebook make their way into the broadcasting of live entertainment. And on top of their priorities will be the live streaming of sporting events and it goes with saying that it is a major component for Disney as well as its ESPN network.

Facebook is channeling much of its efforts towards the hosting of videos on its diverse platform and it is looking forward to providing a lift to its lucrative and growing source of revenue .The Company’s advertising business requires a major boost and the company is determined to do whatever it takes towards achieving that particular course.

It was in May when Twitter made the announcement regarding the video streaming partnerships with about 16 media companies. In the list were a number from the competitors of Disney.

In a different incident, Twitter disclosed that the new move would do much in line with serving them with great opportunities for the various brands to reach the engaged and passionate audiences.