Coinbase Brings Onboard a Twitter Executive To Serve As Vice President Of Operations And User Services

Coinbase has not been having it easy maintaining its current position as the top U.S. digital currency marketplace. It is turning out to be a major challenge on its part accelerating the consumer demand but to ensure it maintains its equilibrium it has decided to hire one of the top executives from Twitter who is expected to play a huge role towards improving on customer support.

Tina Bhatnagar has worked with Twitter for over quite some time. He held the position of the vice president of operations and user services and he will be remembered as a diligent worker that embraced teamwork in a great way.

Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase co-founder and CEO is the one that announced that the company was going to bring onboard the new executive. He went further to outline that Bhatnagar will do much for them as a company while serving in the role of the vice president of operations and technology.

The company will also be considering doubling the size of the support team and that will be in a bid to ensure that the customers will be attended to around the clock. In a phone interview with CNBC, Bhatnagar said that it was a rare chance getting the chance to move into a hypergrowth company to serve on such a key role.

He termed it a major challenge on his part but promised to do all within his means to ensure that he delivered in the best way possible. He added that he wanted his entry felt and that would be through the impact he would spark about in the company.

San Francisco-based Coinbase has had rather difficult time trying to keep up with the surge of interest in the wide array of the digital currencies, bitcoin being one of them.

One of the officials working with the company said, “Bitcoin soared more than 1,100 percent over the last 12 months. Its website has suffered degraded performance due to occasional spikes of high traffic, while trading services have suddenly gone down for hours.”