Twitter Promotes The Broader Developer Community By Opening Up Its Full Archive

Twitter will today unveil a new premium product and it is optimistic that quite a significant number of developers will be taking advantage of it to access the full Twitter archive-stretching backwards to the first tweet from @Jack (Jack Dorsey) in 2006.

Sometime back, such a magnitude of access was restricted only to the enterprise API customers. However, with the passage of time matters are taking a different twist in which case they are now being made available to a wider developer community.

One Company official stated, “Until today, non-enterprise customers could only choose from the standard API that provides access to the last 7 days of tweets, or the more recently launched Premium API that goes back 30 days. This new premium API endpoint, called Full-archive Search, will offer all tweets from all time.”

Twitter has moved ahead to outline that it usually works in a pretty similar way to the 30-day endpoint and that is in close consideration of the fact that it provides features such as the ability to pull more tweets per request than is usually the case with the standard API. It supports higher rate limits, more complex queries and other advanced features.

The other thing is also that quite a significant number of customers will be in a position to gain quick access to the premium account dashboard and that is of course at that point in time when they proceed to sign up for the Full-archive Search API. It is all about helping them manage billing, monitor usage as well as invite several teammates in the collaboration.

Market analysts have made a projection outlining that the addition of Full-archive Search had all that it took towards spurring the development of a whole host of new Twitter applications for brands, businesses and even consumers.

By gaining access to Twitter’s history, businesses will be in a position to strike a much better understanding in line with the way in which the consumer sentiment has shifted with the passage of time. It also tells much regarding what exactly people have been saying around the globe regarding the various services and products for about a decade.