Twitter’s Head Of AR/VR Resigns From The Company

The director of Twitter’s AR/VR team Alessandro Sabatelli, announced recently that he is planning to leave the company after working for 18 months. Sabatelli joined the social media firm in June 2016 after working at the virtual reality startup where he created music-based VR experiences. He also worked as a designer at Apple before joining Twitter.

Twitter has been slow to develop new products and the AR/VR was still at its initial stages compared to its rivals including Apple, Facebook, Snap, and Google that have already shown off their AR and VR developer platforms. The company has been reluctant to approach the AR content creation with features such as selfie masks that are offered by Snapchat and Facebook.

The company’s major obstacle to the virtual reality is highly due to the team’s refocus on Live 360 video features in Periscope for a couple of years. AR/VR space has largely grown in the recent past as most companies reshape their visions and strive to change the look of their products and service. Facebook brought in a new director who was previously working at Google to lead its AR team.

Last month, Twitter also lost its Chief Operating Officer who resigned to join another company. Anthony Noto left the company to lead another firm after working for Twitter since July 2014. During his reign, Noto also served the company as the Chief Financial Officer. Noto was considered a key figure in the company’s leadership team and his resignation came at the time when the company is striving to make ends meet in the dynamic business environment.

Twitter’s shares have continued to drop since the year began due to the unexpected resignation of its key executives. Twitter offers various products and services for its users, advertisers, developers and data partners which include; Twitter, Promoted Tweets, Accounts, and Trends, and Periscope. With the resignation of the AR/VR director, the company has a long way to catch up with its rivals.