Twitter Proceeds To Place Ban On Bitfinex’ed As Speculations Arise

The move by Twitter to suspend Bitfinex’ed has sparked about major debates among market analysts. Some of them have made projections outlining that it could lead to the collapse of Bitcoin and it could even move as far as collapsing the entire market.

Bitifinex’ed through an email disclosed that to this point Twitter had not yet shed light on the reasons why it took the drastic move. Use of abusive behavior, compromised accounts and spam are fundamentally the most likely grounds as to why it might have resorted to it decision. However, that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In several instances Bitfinex’ed has blamed a number of well-known figures within the crypto-community asserting that they must have been behind the foul play.

It was back in January when an anonymous investigator disclosed that while serving as the chief technology officer at Coinbase Litecoin founder Charlie Lee might have gotten involved in the inside selling. Lee has moved out to defend himself asserting that the claims were baseless and it was almost at the same time that a large number of Lee supporters resorted to Twitter to express their disappointment at the premises of the piece Bitfinex’ed authored.

The other notable thing is that over time Bitfinex was also growing increasingly disappointed by the large number of critics and their outrageous claims.

Stuart Hoegner, the Bitfinex in-house counsel while speaking to one of the media houses said that the bad actors were out to make false claims and their aim was to simply agitate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitfinex isn’t taking the matter lying down and it is in that particular regard that it has resolved to assert all of its legal rights and remedies against the ‘enemy’ and together with all his associates.

A person familiar with the most recent developments opined, “It is worth noting that despite receiving support from the community, Bitfinex’ed had a fair share of detractors too – including a parody account with the handle Bitperplex’ed which painted the independent Tether analyst as a demented, childish baffoon.”

The Bitfinex’ed suspension pulls in at a moment when Bitfinex and Tether are going through the most trying times.