Twitter To Make A New Change To The Way It Shows Retweets

It was on Tuesday when Twitter proceeded to roll out its newest feature. It is a feature that will have a significant impact on the way tweets appear when embedded on other websites, for instance the news stories.

Earlier on, it was about showcasing the number of times that a given tweet was retweeted. Later on it will be about displaying a new metric that comprises of a combination of retweets and replies and thus it will be possible to see how many persons are speaking about a particular matter.

It was on Tuesday when the company moved ahead to make the confirmation to Slate but it is also worth noting that it hasn’t yet made the move to make a public announcement of the matter.

Twitter spokesperson Dan Jackson in a recent interview disclosed that it had all started by the company carrying out a series of experiments on the best ways to show how many people got to engage with a given tweet at any particular instance.

He stated, “We found that people viewing Tweets off-platform were more likely to engage with them when we focused on providing conversational context. In other words, if a tweet shows up on a news story read by someone who isn’t a Twitter user, seeing that it’s been retweeted thousands of times might not make much sense.”

One rather notable aspect is the fact that Twitter is a firm believer in the thought that establishing the number of persons commenting and sharing can tell much regarding how things work out at Twitter.

An analyst following closely on the most recent developments spoke elaborately regarding those instances when thousands of Twitter bots retweet a missive and to get more specific we can consider a political one for instance. It will definitely end up creating the impression that the message enjoys a much wider grassroots support which at times isn’t the case.

The long and short of it is that it could simply indicate that a given user found the content of a given tweet interesting or he could in a different scenario have considered it critical and decided to share it with his followers.