Twitter Reveals It Witnessed A Surge Of Users In Japan

Twitter has generated significant revenue in Japan and it goes without saying that it was a remarkable first quarterly profit. But questions are being asked, one of them being how that happened. A person familiar with the matter but who wanted to speak from a point of anonymity said that it resulted from the fact that both the advertisers and the users were in a major way embracing video content.

At the start of this particular month, the social media guru made a report that Japan’s sales had jumped by about 34 percent over the last three months of the previous year. It is worth noting that the Twitter’s success in Japan is in a major way helping convert users into revenue and that is an issue that has ended up vexing the social network ever since it was established. If all moves according to plan, it might emanate in broader growth across the company, something that market observers find rather attractive.

Analysts and Investors have moved ahead to point out to the Japan-specific factors which hadn’t yet been replicated somewhere else. One notable aspect is the fact that instead of the company choosing to localize the other tech firms, it is instead making its innovations at a local level. That is according to the senior planner for the interactive media division at Asatsu-DK Inc (9747.T), Ryo Sakai. That is of course one of the largest advertising agencies in Japan.

Sakai proceeded to say that he was getting the impression that the company had in the past one year been responding in haste and also flexibly to most of the advertisers’ requests. He said that was a good thing and if it continued it would help propel the company much higher in terms of achieving immense business success.

It is also worth noting that the social media giant had managed to attract quite a large number of users in Japan. According to estimates, it was projected that the number went up to almost 45 million and that was in October.

Several ad industry executives have come out strongly to state that the policy of Twitter that allows the idea of tweeting and aliases makes it possible for the large number of the Japanese users to give out their opinions in a culture which tends to be outwardly reserved.

The chief marketing officer at Agile Media Network Motohiko Tokuriki while speaking to a number if journalists pointed out to the ease to anonymity which is fundamentally about providing the most ideal advise for companies to use social media.

The effort this social media company has been making in the recent past in order to lift up its service delivery has been rather evident. The latest had to do with making a step from the text and pictures to the provision the rich video advertising options.

The manager for the Twitter group at Dentsu Digital Inc which also happens to be a section of Japan’s biggest advertising agency Shinya Kobori has spoken on the great need to leverage of the latest technological advancements towards giving the company an edge over rivals.

The Winter Olympics were a real showcasing of the growing popularity of videos Twitter. Yuzuru Hanyu’s short program has caught many by surprise after it was shared for over 125,000 times and watched more than 4 million times.

It is however worth noting that the Japanese consumers turned out to be the latest in terms of embracing smartphones but the way they have accelerated their purchases within a short time frame and that has been epic. It is a matter that has sparked about a lot of talk with a lot of people saying that Japan is a great opportunity for the company.