Twitter Inc Making Plans To Face Out Crypto Scams

Twitter Inc is one of the social media giants that have faced challenging times in the past being eventually compelled to move ahead and formulate new policies to guide the usage of its platforms. Challenges seem unending for the business guru and at the moment it is focusing much of its efforts into trying to halt the cryptocurrency-related scams which according to reports have been spreading via its platform.

The company has made its official statement outlining its dedication to move ahead and join hands with the rest of the social media companies in a move to reduce harmful content.

It has been closely following on the most recent developments in the market and it is currently aware of the cryptocurrency-related “manipulation,” .It is working with speed towards ensuring that it is able to set up measures that will see it succeed on its quest to bar several accounts from moving ahead to engage with others in a manner the company deems deceptive.

On the other hand Facebook recently moved ahead to place a ban on all the ads that had anything to do with crypto currencies, binary options and the initial coin offerings .One of the top officials working with the company in a recent business meeting spoke in relation to the matter. He asserted that such were closely linked with deceptive and misleading practices. But the cryptocurrency ads maneuvered to finally find their way onto Facebook and that is a matter that has become a subject of great speculation among people following closely on the matter.

An person familiar with the most recent developments about who chose to speak from a stand point of anonymity opined, “The verified account that provides customer service to Kraken users said on Tuesday that it had been banned from Twitter for trying to alert its customers to the various ways thieves are stealing digital assets online. Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, later got its ban lifted for its customer support account.”

Jack Dorsey, who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter moved forward to air his views on the matter. He said that there was nothing they were not aware of and as a company they were going to do everything humanly possible to address the matter. A lot of people will be closely following to see what steps the business giant will be taking towards ensuring that it keeps its platform safe.

The company is looking forward to restore sanity to a platform that has time and again been marred by actions it considers inappropriate. In a market characterized by stiff competition its will be seeking to explore all avenues that will see it succeed on its quest to make in big. Restoring sanity to the platform just like is the case with any other measures businesses take will consume much in terms of resources. However, another official working with the company said that as a company their eye was fixed on the long term success.

The passage of time is witnessing Crypto-spam hit untenable proportions and the right course of action needs to be taken as quickly as possible. For quite some time it has become rather difficult discussing any kind of topic without necessarily a given spanner stepping into the scene to change things. He/she could impersonate a cryptocelebrity and you guessed it right! He/she could end up collecting coins by making false promises to people that they would be gaining quite much in return.

The good news coming to the limelight is that the various regulators are now stepping into the scene and they seek to crackdpwn on the cryptocurrency industry. That was after closely assessing the evils that have been going on for over quite some time.