Why Twitter Is The Worthy Rival To Take On Snapchat Discover

Twitter is working towards the development of a new Snapchat Discover-like feature which reports indicate will be emphasizing videos and photos tied to particular events. The company seems to be doing quite much lately considering that it was a just a short while back when it proceeded to unveil a Snapchat-like camera feature.

Details regarding it that are pretty minimal in the mean time and a person familiar with the matter but who wanted his identity kept anonymous revealed that there is no surety about the feature ever seeing the light of the day. It was a just an opinion and he never wanted to be held down to his words thus he requested his identity be kept anonymous.

One point worth noting is the fact that the “camera first feature” will be very much appreciated by its users considering that it will be encouraging them to share more videos and photos associated with news that often breaks via Twitter.

But the huge deal is that the feature will pull along with a massive effect and some market analysts have moved ahead to outline that it might pose direct competition to elements of Snapchat Discover and the Snap Maps as well. One distinguishing factor about then two is the point that both are known to curate stories based on the events taking place at a given time.

A number of journalists moved out to get the spokesperson of Twitter to comment on the recent reports. He turned down their request but they said they were not going to give up on their quest to get to the bottom of the matter. But even with such hard luck , it goes without saying that indeed Twitter will be doing all within its means to come up with a product that will intrigue customers from around the globe.

With the passage of time Snapchat is scaling up its business operations and it might end up being a go-to source to obtain the first-person view of breaking news. If matters turn out according to expectations, then it means the company will have developed an edge over rivals thus improving its financial standing in a market that is currently experiencing fierce rivalry among businesses.

From time to time, anyone following closely on the most recent developments will attest to the fact that the most trusted place to find raw, unfiltered look at what’s happening during a great event is definitely Snapchat as opposed to the most common misconception that it is actually twitter.

Twitter on its part takes immense pride in the fact that it is widely recognized as the platform that keeps people updated on the various activities happening at different times and places around the globe. The targeted this time around is to do all humanly possible to ensure that the platform climbs the ladder in terms of delivering the ‘hottest’ news to capture the minds of a lot of people.

The huge focus is directed at ways to ensure that proper measures are put in place that will see to it that users succeed in their efforts to shares videos and photos much more easily. The next step would of course be to transform them into moments or a wide range of other features highlighting breaking news. It is about coming up with experiences that will make sense to most of the users depending ion the platform for acquisition of information and entertainment as well.

But the big question is-will it pull along with a monumental impact on Snapchat? Anyway, the sure thing is that it will definitely turn out to be an ideal way for Twitter to uphold its reputation as the go-to source for news.