Twitter Conducts Its First Tests Of Twitter Lite Android App In The Philippines

It was in the previous year that Twitter proceeded to make the announcement about the unveiling of its Twitter Lite application for Android users in Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Twitter Lite tests conducted in the Philippines turned out to be successful and a number of market observers have heaped praise on Twitter for managing to expand the launch of Twitter Lite in about 24 countries. The best part and which is being appreciated by quite a significant number of the Android users is the fact that it is possible to install the app through Google’s Play Store.

The most recent developments are targeted at resolving the slow mobile network issues. Twitter despite coming across a number of challenges has been performing quite well in the recent times. It is a major step forwards for the company considering the fact that at the moment it has managed to accumulate about four times as many monthly active users beyond the borders of the U.S.

But what is it that should interest one about the Twitter Lite app tests conducted in the Philippines? The Google Play Store is an important tool in the process and the best part is the fact that it becomes possible to scale up the availability of Twitter in this particular market.

The Philippines market is associated with pretty expensive data plans as well as the slow mobile networks. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the mobile devices with limited storage are still to this point in time quite popular there. Twitter Lite is what it exactly takes to overcome such barriers.

Since its establishment Twitter has always been a progressive company that explores many avenues of growth. Lately, the company’s board has been in talks in line with the possibility of expanding the app to more markets.

Twitter Lite apparently bears much of the same basic functions to those of the main Twitter apps and in this particular regard the entertainment updates, sports scores and breaking news can serve as great examples.

In order to be able to move ahead with the downloading of same popular videos or images, one might be compelled to switch to the media-free mode. The emerging market is not an easy undertaking and it requires quite much in terms of innovations.

Giving users what they want is a very important thing and in that particular case it is crucial to outline the great need to serve them with the media they wish to see at any given point in time.

For over quite some time the business guru has been reorienting itself as a media company. A real showcasing of that are those instances where it has had to cut deals in line with live streaming events with the hope of capturing more advertising and audience.

However, the full version of the service would be observed by quite many as being rather frustrating. It is for that reason that the social media giant has arrived at the decision to showcase less and of course its aim is to get them to using the service more. The other thing will basically be to better monetize them with the wide range of the more localized items.

But there is a certain irony that is quite easy for anyone to spot. The common misconception that those who will flock there will only be the emerging market users is by all means ungrounded.

If all moves according to plan, Twitter might soon be proceeding to expand Lite in a big way and that follows a speech made by CEO Jack Dorsey who spoke on the benefits it pulls along with for the international strategies and the emerging market.