Twitter Axed Auto-Follow-Back

Please note that on July 2nd, 2013, Twitter changed their terms of service and banned automated following back of people who followed you first. There’s a discussion about it here. Unfortunately we need to comply with Twitter’s new rules so we have removed the feature from Pluggio. As of July 14th auto-follow-back will no longer work…

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Splitweet Alternative

If you’re looking for a Splitweet alternative you might like to try Pluggio. We have a few folks who have moved over after the Hootsuite shutdown and say that Pluggio offers much of what they liked about Splitweet. Pluggio is a very simple way to manage multiple accounts on Twitter.  

Top 3 Rules To Consistently Get Retweeted and #FF’d

I’m very lucky to have unusually high Twitter statistics. I often get retweeted and #ff’d. But is it really luck? The truth is it’s due to a consistent and simple strategy I’ve been using for  years. Here’s my strategy broken down into three simple rules: Build a Subject Specific Following Build a following that is…

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New Twitter Policy For Apps Reading/Writing Direct Messages

Twitter have created a new permission level for applications called “Read, Write & Direct Messages” Users will need to agree to these permissions for an app to display “Direct Messages”. Therefore, to show Direct Messages in Pluggio you will need to re-authenticate each of your Twitter accounts. Steps to enable Pluggio to read direct messages…

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