Twitter Axed Auto-Follow-Back

Please note that on July 2nd, 2013, Twitter changed their terms of service and banned automated following back of people who followed you first. There’s a discussion about it here. Unfortunately we need to comply with Twitter’s new rules so we have removed the feature from Pluggio. As of July 14th auto-follow-back will no longer work…

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Splitweet Alternative

If you’re looking for a Splitweet alternative you might like to try Pluggio. We have a few folks who have moved over after the Hootsuite shutdown and say that Pluggio offers much of what they liked about Splitweet. Pluggio is a very simple way to manage multiple accounts on Twitter.  

Pluggio & Rackspace – Rate Limited By Twitter

Update 4 Rolling tweets are back online! Update 3 There’s still an issue with schedule tweets. They are being dumped as soon as you add them to the rolling schedule. I’m trying to work out what the issue is as we speak. Update 2 There has been an issue with Pluggio dumping schedule tweets. I…

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Twitter Has Pulled Search API Access (again)

Update Pluggio’s “Search” & “Friend Finder” are now back online ———— You may remember that Twitter pulled search API access for Pluggio before. Well, after they did that, I converted all searches to use oauth so that they were credited against a users account rather than the IP address. That changed fixed things for a…

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List Of Businesses Twitter Has Taken Offline

I put together this list of businesses that Twitter has taken offline – not to vilify Twitter – but to help other business understand why Twitter will pull the plug. If you are thinking about creating a business on top of the Twitter platform it would be well worth your reading through the list of…

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Twitter Strikes Again

Twitter have decided to drastically reduce the number of search API calls that Pluggio is allowed to make per hour. Before this reduction Pluggio had the capacity to make 10,000 calls per hour which was perfectly fine for Pluggio’s 3,700 users. This breaks “Search” and “Friend Finder”. When I asked Twitter why? Here was the…

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