Twitter Introduces A Way For Brands To Push Their Chatbots

Businesses can now connect with users in a new way on Twitter via the microblogging platform’s Direct Messaging feature known as ‘Direct Message Card’. Through the Direct Message Card businesses can engage in the promotion of their ads which are designed to offer their users various Direct Messaging experiences. For the users, the promoted tweets…

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Twitter Axed Auto-Follow-Back

Please note that on July 2nd, 2013, Twitter changed their terms of service and banned automated following back of people who followed you first. There’s a discussion about it here. Unfortunately we need to comply with Twitter’s new rules so we have removed the feature from Pluggio. As of July 14th auto-follow-back will no longer work…

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Splitweet Alternative

If you’re looking for a Splitweet alternative you might like to try Pluggio. We have a few folks who have moved over after the Hootsuite shutdown and say that Pluggio offers much of what they liked about Splitweet. Pluggio is a very simple way to manage multiple accounts on Twitter.