Pluggio Introduces Visual Integration With

We’re proud to announce our new visual integration with the link shorter. We will be adding additional viagra otc–cialis and exercise––where to buy viagra online–discount pharmacy functionality over the next week allowing for detailed stats analysis (including click referrers and geographic location of traffic visiting the link)

My New Twitter Mantra “Think Interactively”

So my new motto in dealing with Twitter has been “Think interactively.” Meaning: Don’t only post a dead-end, closed-ended blog post or Tweet, but also write something that begs for a response. Part of my goal is to help promote awareness of Pluggio and let people know it exists.  We want to market it in…

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How A Business Coach Uses Twitter

Interviewer’s Note:  After several installments of my interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners, I’m still struck at how many times the successful ones report the same techniques and tips.  Yet even in unrelated fields, they can easily learn from one another and find new ideas.  As I was searching for new sources of knowledge, I…

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Time To Change My Twitter Strategy

I’ve been using Twitter for about 45 days now, and just achieved my goal of gaining 1,000 followers. I’ve thrown myself into the Twitterverse and picked up a lot of good information on how to use this thing. I’ve especially learned a lot from users more experienced than I. So I have decided to change…

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“How James Promotes His Brand and Book on Twitter”

Interviewer’s Note:  Today we’re talking to James Swan.  I met  himduring my explorations of the Twitterverse, trying to answer the question: How do today’s businesses use social media?  Read on to learn more about Mr. Swan’s answers and thoughts. Good morning, James; welcome to the Pluggio Blog!  How do you describe your business? I run…

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How I Got My First 1000 Followers on Twitter in 43 Days

No doubt you’ve heard that saying “Once you’ve made your first million bucks, the next million is easy.” I believe in that, and I think it’s true because once you know how to do something, it’s easy to repeat that process and get more of the same results. On that note, after 43 days on…

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